Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  

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 Company Mission



v     Professional Solutions

Professional skills and experiences is our greatest asset.   Each solution represented a quality of works and cost justifiable in the field.


v     Open Solutions

With the technology intelligent solutions, it is important that each solution be in complete adherence to standard application towards an open system architecture, for easy of migration to emerging technologies.


v     Solutions Innovation

Innovative to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction by ensuring every single system developed is met to the need of the business operations within the state of art of technology and continuous improvement.


     v     Solutions Partnerships

An understanding of clients’ need. We always try our best to fulfill special requirements from client, and make an user-friendly system solutions.


v     Solutions Assurance

Every solution put forth by ISS is the best result of extensive, proven research and development with the industrial standard features of effective, appropriate and productive solutions.